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Easy Neopoints

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I know I know, like LJ needs yet another neopets community. But since TNT has decided to take all the awesome petpages that were out there down there was no where for us to go! **shudder** So I created easy_neopoints so that we here in LJ land (who also occupy neopia) can help each other get neopoints quickly and more important easily.

There is only one main post to this community, and you have to join to get the goods. ;) So it is and will always be for members only. If you have a new link to add, or find one that isn't working anymore, leave a comment and I'll update things ASAP. So if you have info I don't... share the love already. After all that's what this community is all about.

When leaving a comment keep the following in mind;
I'm old and I want to be able to read things as quickly and easily as possible. So take the time to spell out your words. And don't override your comment font (this includes size and style), because trying to read neon pink is oh so annoying.

This community was once on a closed membership, however I've decided to reopen things again. But always remember that I reserve the right to deny you entry/block you or shut things down again at any time I see fit.

Please keep in mind that I'm not a total tyrant, I'm really very laid back. I'm just sick of the rampid online stupidity and inconsideration. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me. :)

Current total is ?nps